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We can’t think of a time when storage isn’t helpful, except maybe when you’re trying to smuggle circus animals (oh yes, Phil, we’re onto you). From getting furniture out of the way during renovations to storing your excess stuff after a de facto breakup, there are many times in life when a self-storage container gives you a metaphorical pat on the back and says don’t worry, I’ve got this.

When you’re in need of a temporary home for your stuff, National Storage Wellington has the perfect container for everyone. But don’t take our word for it – check out the examples from our (imaginary) friends below!


Tara: Broken Hearted and Moving in with Mum


Her Situation

It’s not you, it’s me.

Yeah, righto, Tara’s ex-boyfriend, but Tara will have the last laugh when she’s eating her mum’s famous lasagne and having her clothes washed for her.

Tara has recently been booted from her de facto relationship and has no choice but to move back in with her mum. But after years of living in a home of her own, Tara has accumulated quite a lot of junk. Quite a lot of junk indeed.

Her Needs

Tara’s mum, bless her heart, doesn’t like to have much stuff in the home. She’s recently gotten right into the ‘internet’ and has read up on all the benefits of this new-age thing called ‘minimalism’, so Tara’s dining set and sofa aren’t welcome. Heck, Tara’s second sweater was almost given the red flag.

Her Perfect Storage Container

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The perfect size for all of Tara’s broken dreams excess belongings, this storage container will make a great temporary home for Tara’s stuff until she gets back on her feet and finds a place of her own again.


Brent and Alex: Renovating and DIY Buffs

Brent and Alex

Their Situation

These lovebirds are almost as into renovating as they are into each other.

After six years of painting, sanding, tiling and everything else-ing, Brent and Alex still aren’t content with how their home is looking. Now, we know what you’re thinking: these are some fussy, fussy people who should be in a toothpaste commercial. And you’re right to think that.

Their Needs

Now they’ve decided to add some alterations to the living room, Brent and Alex have to give their furniture the old heave-ho to avoid getting paint, dust and other stuff on it. They need a storage container big enough to fit their lounge suite, coffee table, and TV.

Their Perfect Storage Container

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This generously sized storage container will keep all of their furniture clean, safe, and out of the way while they desperately try to replicate a photo on Pinterest.


Tony: Classic Car Enthusiast


His Situation

Tony has a 1968 Chrysler Valiant. Tony loves it more than his own son. Tony has told his son this on several occasions.

Because Tony cares so deeply for his classic car, keeping it in the driveway at home just isn’t going to cut it – especially when he only takes it for a spin on the weekends. His recurring nightmares of having his car stolen by youths, damaged by hail, and pooped on by birds have him thinking it’s time to find an alternative solution.

His Needs

Tony needs a storage container that can protect his classic car while not in use. Because heaven forbid a leaf should fall from a nearby tree and land on the windscreen. All hell would break loose.

His Perfect Storage Container

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Now Tony can keep his beloved Valiant locked away, and his son doesn’t have a daily reminder in the driveway that he’s second best.

Wait a second – does Tony have a twin named Darren who likes fishing in Christchurch?


Paige: Budding Rockstar


Her Situation

You know who loves the sound of a tinny guitar in the morning? Not Paige’s roommates, that’s for sure.

Paige has left uni life behind in the pursuit of a career in music, and her roommates are getting closer and closer to handing her an eviction notice with every Saturday morning she spends shredding in the garage. Her bandmates’ crap drumming and bass guitar don’t help the situation, either.

Her Needs

Because she can’t be bothered looking online for a new place (who has the time, really?), Paige wants to keep her roomies happy by finding a new space for her band to jam in.

Her Perfect Storage Container

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This massive space provides enough room for Paige and her band to rock on, keeping all their instruments and speakers safe and out of the way while not in use, and keeping her roomies off her back about the noise. As for the dirty dishes in the sink – well, that’s a whole other can of worms.


Whether you’re on the move or need to make space for your hobby, your storage container is always there when you need it. Find your perfect storage unit in Wellington.

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