Which Hamilton Storage Unit Is Right For You?

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A self-storage unit is like the helpful grandmother you never had. Whether you want to get some stuff out of the way during a move or you need a temporary home for your TV while you travel, your storage unit has your back.

Whatever your circumstances, National Storage Hamilton has the perfect storage unit size for you. Check out our examples below to see just how handy storage can be.


Mike: First-Year University Student

Mike the first-year university student

His Situation

Mike is hitting the road for uni in the hopes of becoming the best darn nurse he can be. But do his parents want him to leave his crappy old bed, desk, and untouched weights in his room at the family home? Hell no. They’re turning his room into a home theatre the second he drives away.

His Needs

With a few pieces of furniture, boxes of winter clothes, and a dorky super cool action figure collection to stow away, Mike needs a modest space to keep his stuff until he has room for it again (or can be bothered sorting through what needs to go for good).

His Perfect Storage Unit

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This storage unit will fit all of Mike’s stuff so he can take the bare necessities onto campus, and his parents can enjoy Gone with the Wind in surround sound.


Glen and Holly: Expecting a New Recruit

Glen and Holly the expectant parents

Their Situation

Well, Holly’s ankles are beginning to swell a little, and Glen is starting to worry he won’t have time to hit the pub on a Friday afternoon, but other than that, things are pretty exciting.

Their Needs

Glen and Holly like to be prepared, so they’ve bought all their new baby stuff well before their little one is due. They’ve still got to transform the study into a nursery, and want to keep the cot, pram, and other stuff out of the way until it’s ready.

Their Perfect Storage Unit

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Now these proud parents-to-be can keep bub’s belongings safe and clean until the nursery is complete.


Carol: Budding Minimalist

Carol the budding minimalist

Her Situation

Ever since Carol’s son showed her how to use YouTube, she’s been smashing through docos on minimalism. And boy, is she keen to jump aboard the bandwagon and show her snooty neighbour, Marjorie, just how with it she is.

Her Needs

Carol is looking to declutter her home and ditch the stuff she doesn’t use. Only, she’s not quite ready to say goodbye for good. She needs a space to keep her excess belongings safe until she needs them again – or until she decides to go all Antiques Roadshow and see what they’ll fetch on the open market.

Her Perfect Storage Unit

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This generously sized storage unit has all the space Carol needs to palm off those unwanted pieces of furniture and bits and bobs that don’t fit in with her new minimalist lifestyle.

Morgan: Small Business Owner

Morgan the small business owner

Her Situation

Morgan is saying eat my dust to her doubting teachers and starting her own business selling women’s clothing and accessories. Who doesn’t love a spot of online shopping (in their pyjamas, with wine)?

Her Needs

With dresses and shoes coming out her ears, Morgan needs somewhere to keep her inventory so she can maintain a tidy and organised home office space. And stop procrastinating my trying on every new item.

Her Perfect Storage Unit

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This unit size is perfect for keeping stock and paperwork out of the way and organised. Morgan can even take her laptop to her unit to knock over admin work without the distractions at home (aka Netflix).

Are you a Mike, Glen and Holly, Carol or Morgan? Or have you got a different reason for needing a storage unit? Whatever your needs, we can offer you the perfect storage unit size in Hamilton.

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