How To Write A Christmas Letter People Will Actually Want To Read

Writing Christmas letter

Christmas letters can be a bore (seriously Aunt Carol, no one cares about your cat). But they don’t have to be.

Don’t put your friends and family to sleep over your annual update. Write a Christmas letter they’ll actually want to read with these tips.


Send An Email

Cat typing email

First things first: opt for email over a traditional letter. While receiving mail that isn’t a bill provides a special kind of rush, it’s not worth the waste. Plus emails = GIFs, the greatest gift the internet has ever given us. If your Christmas letter puts the reader to sleep, a GIF of an adorable dancing dog is sure to perk them right up again.


Keep It Short

Too long, didn't read

Much like the Kardashians’ reign, Christmas letters can go on longer than they need to. One typed page should be enough to cover the noteworthy stuff that’s happened in your life over the last 12 months. Trim the fat and keep it short and sweet.


Avoid Touchy Topics

You can't say that

While the latest Trump scandal or postal vote may have you up in arms, it’s not quite Christmas letter material. When it comes to the annual family update, it’s best to keep things light and avoid controversial issues like politics, religion and the dogs vs. cats debate (because we all know dogs win, paws down).


Be Creative

Tom Hank typing

OK, so we can’t all be amazing writers (like yours truly). But you can get a bit creative with your letter. A long-winded monologue about your past year can be a bit predictable (and boring). Try something a little fun like rhyming, or get your kids to write their life updates themselves. The story of Tom’s soccer grand final might be a little more entertaining coming from Tom himself.


Stay Humble

Don't brag

Yes, it’s very exciting to mention your kids’ achievements and how well things are going in general, but tone it down a notch, will ya? There’s a difference between sharing your success and rubbing your relatives’ noses in it, and no one likes a bragger.


Get Personal

Get personal

Instead of simply sending the same generic email to all your contacts, take the time to add a paragraph or two that’s relevant to each individual. This personal touch will make each person feel like you’re really thinking of them and add something special to your letter.


Include Photos

Hilary Duff selfie

Instead of simply blabbing on about your daughter’s dance recital or your cool new hat, include photos. This will provide more context for the reader and break up the text. It’ll also give you a good chance to stuff around on Photoshop and make your skin look perfect. Take that, competitive cousin, Stacy.


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