The Weirdest Storage-Related Stock Images

You may not spend hours trawling the internet for the perfect stock images relating to storage, but we sure do.

Some make us laugh, others make us scratch our head, but one thing’s for certain: we’re always entertained. And because we’re so thoughtful, we want to share some of our favourite finds.


‘Cheerful man wearing uniform working with bottle storage racks in winery cellar’

Man holding wine bottle

When I’m storing my wine at the perfect temperature, I too like to hold the bottle upside-down and stare pensively into the distance. Extra points for the large coat and fabulous hair.


‘Fair skin young lady in tight fitting blue dress and curly long brown hairs wear sunglasses with hand on waist look upwards near freight containers at the background’

Model in front of shipping containers

I don’t always pose among overgrown grass, but when I do, it’s in a ‘tight-fitting blue dress’ in front of a bunch of storage containers.


‘English bulldog standing looking down into cardboard box – shipping or moving concept’

Dog standing looking into box

Not sure if cute or terrifying.


‘Blue steel container with green trash bin on top. Container is outdoors but in an open storage space for protection’

Shipping container inside storage shed

Here’s a storage container inside a storage unit… it’s storeception.


‘Girl teenager peeks out from behind the door of a mirrored wardrobe compartment playing hide-and-seek’

Girl playing hide-and-seek

When hide-and-seek gets a little too real.


‘An adult male in his 30’s playing airplane in an old cardboard box’

Man in box

I think we’re done here.


Storing isn’t always weird. Check out these cool uses of storage containers from around the world.

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