10 Genius Garage Ideas

10 Genius Garage Ideas

The garage is just somewhere to keep the car and dump your junk, right?


Your garage is so much more than a final resting place for your old paint tins and abandoned DIY projects. It has the potential to be a functional extension of your home, housing your hobbies and keeping your tools and other bits and bobs perfectly organised and ready to go.

If your garage is more overflowing than functional, it’s time to get organised.

Be inspired by these 10 brilliant garage ideas.


1. Storage Bin Shelves

Storage bin shelves for organised garage

Image: familyhandyman.com

Is there anything plastic storage bins can’t do? Storage bins are particularly handy for holding larger items like sporting equipment. Stacking them on shelves allows you to slide them out and take a look inside, plus you can keep adult-only items up high and out of reach of the kids. (We’re referring to power tools and cleaning chemicals. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

You can separate and organise your stuff by sport or season, making it easy to find what you need and not be late for that game.


2. Tool Tower Racks

Tool tower racks for garage

Image: housebeautiful.com

From the rake and the broom to the line trimmer and even your fishing rods, tool tower racks are a great way to keep those tall tools organised and out of the way.

Mount yours to the wall to make the most of your wall space and free up the floor for other things.


3. Pegboards

Pegboard ideas for garage

Image: diyncrafts.com

Another great way to keep your tools and utensils organised and in plain sight is with a pegboard. Here you can display those smaller everyday items you reach for more often, such as hammers, scissors, and box cutters.


4. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips for garage tools

Image: diyncrafts.com

Magical magnetic strips can help eliminate those hours spent searching for the perfect bit, screw, or nail. Attach a few to your shelving or walls to keep your little metal bits and pieces from getting lost.


5. Overhead Storage

Overhead storage garage ideas

Image: whomestudio.com

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s overhead storage.

Make the most of all the space in your garage by installing overhead storage bins. This is perfect for those seasonal items you rarely need to reach for, such as winter clothes and snorkelling gear.


6. Ball Cage

Ball cage for garage

Image: familyhandyman.com

Whether you play a lot of sports or just like to get outside and kick the footy around the backyard on weekends, you need this easy-access ball cage in your life.


7. Tape Dispenser

Tape dispenser for garage

Image: diyncrafts.com

Easy to make and easy to use, a tape dispenser is your best friend when it comes to finding the edge of your tape roll. It’s also pretty handy when it comes to Christmas gift-wrapping time.


8. Bike Storage

Bike storage for garage

Image: diys.com

How many times have you crept your car into the garage at a snail’s pace out of fear of hitting your precious bike? Get it out of the way with this clever vertical bike storage and make more space for your car.


9. Saw Holder

DIY saw holder for garage

Image: instructables.com

The last thing you need is to cut yourself digging through a box of saws. Keep them organised and easy to see with a DIY saw holder.


10. Extension Cord Organiser

Extension cord organiser ideas

Image: nemiri.com

Ah, tangled extension cords; they’re the bane of many a homeowner’s existence. Make life a little easier on yourself while tidying up your garage with an extension cord organiser.

The first step to an organised garage? Cleaning out the clutter. Organise your goods first – see our wide-ranging Box Shop here. Then, consider keeping your excess stuff safe and out of the way with one of our self-storage units.

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