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How to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit

Getting your furniture to your storage unit in one piece will require some care, even if your items aren’t particularly fragile. Reduce the risk of damage by wrapping your items in furniture covers or moving blankets.

Heavy bookcases and cabinets can be hard to move, so make sure to remove items from drawers and cupboards beforehand.

When placing a mattress in storage, maximise the space in your unit by storing it on its side. Soft furnishings such as throw cushions and pillows should be kept inside boxes.

Check out more handy tips on storing your furniture and other items on our Preparing Tips page.

Furniture Storage FAQs

How much does furniture storage cost?

This will depend on the unit size you need. Our storage experts ensure you only pay for what you need by tailoring a solution to suit you. Get your free quote today.

What size unit will I need for my furniture?

If you’re not sure what size unit you require for your items, you can refer to our Unit Size Guide to get an idea.

How can I get my furniture to my storage unit?

Moving furniture can be a pain, and hiring removalists can be pricey. National Storage makes things easier by offering our customers access to affordable trailer and truck hire. Ask our friendly team about hiring a trailer today.

Whatever furniture you need to store, National Storage can provide a self-storage unit that suits you. Whether you require storage for one month or a whole year, our team can tailor a solution for you. Find your nearest centre or get in touch today.