Christchurch Storage

Running out of room in your home or office? We can provide storage in Christchurch to keep your items locked up, organised and out of the way. From Belfast down to Ferrymead, National Storage has centres located throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs. Wherever you live, you’re sure to find a National Storage self-storage centre in Christchurch that’s conveniently located near you.


1259 Main North Road, Kainga Christchurch

+64 3 978 0499

Up to 50% Off Two Months


256 Dyers Road, Bromley Christchurch

+64 3 352 0779

Up to 50% Off Two Months


89 Garlands Road, Hillsborough Christchurch

+64 3 978 0497

Up to 50% Off Two Months


46 Hickory Place, Islington Christchurch

+64 3 352 0774

Up to 50% Off Two Months


87 Barnes Road, Casebook Christchurch

+64 3 352 0786

Up to 50% Off Two Months


55 Link Drive, Rolleston NZ

+64 3 352 0784

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What to Expect from Our Storage Units in Christchurch

We offer affordable storage in Christchurch for short-term and long-term needs, so you can store with us for as long as you like. Our units are available in a selection of sizes so you can find the right fit for your belongings.

Secure Spaces: You can rely on our security features to keep your things safe. All our storage centres in Christchurch have pin-coded access and CCTV surveillance, and some centres have individually alarmed doors.

Month-to-Month Leases: Thanks to our flexible month-to-month leases, you only pay for what you use. We automatically renew your lease each month, sending an invoice two weeks in advance. This gives you enough notice to cancel if you need to.

Flexible Access Hours: With convenient early-morning to late-night access hours, it’s easy to come and go as you need. Most of our self-storage centres in Christchurch can even arrange 24-hour access upon request.

Highly Trained Staff: Our storage specialists are experienced and treat all possessions with care. You can trust that your belongings are in good hands with our team.

The services differ between each of our storage centres in Christchurch, so please click on your nearest suburb below to ensure they provide the features you require.

Our Self-Storage Solutions in Christchurch

Is your stuff outgrowing your space? If you’ve downsized home or decided to cull your excess belongings to free up some space, our storage in Christchurch is the perfect solution. We even have caravan storage in Christchurch and boat storage in Christchurch, so all your vehicles are taken care of.

Whether you’re looking to store precious antiques or company paperwork, Christchurch has a National Storage centre to accommodate your needs and budget. If you have specific storage requirements, please click on your nearest centre above to see what services are on offer.

Our storage options include:

Self-Storage: A simple way to get more space, our self-storage units in Christchurch are great for getting that excess stuff out of your home without having to throw it away. There’s never been a better time to clean out the spare room or garage.

Business Storage: Our business and commercial storage in Christchurch gives you the storage space you need to keep your files and inventory organised and out of the way.

Vehicle Storage: Perfect for your motorbike, car, van, boat or caravan, our vehicle storage spaces and undercover units keep your vehicle protected.

Furniture Storage: From that spare couch to your entire home’s contents, our furniture storage is the perfect temporary home for your furniture when you’re moving, renovating or travelling.

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Options in Christchurch

Our storage in Christchurch can be leased for as long as you like. With flexible month-to-month leases, you can keep your items with us for as long as you need and only pay for what you use.

Storage Units Christchurch Prices

Need somewhere safe to keep your things without paying an arm and a leg? We’ve got you covered with our affordable storage in Christchurch. The cost of our storage in Christchurch changes based on factors such as the centre location and the size unit you need. You can learn more about our prices when you request a quote.

Tough Security, Easy Access

You can rest assured your items are as safe in our storage as they would be at home. Our storage centres in Christchurch are protected by modern features such as 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance and pin-coded access, so only you can access your things. And if you’d like the freedom to visit your unit whenever you please, we can arrange 24-hour access.

Choosing the Right Unit

Not sure which self-storage unit in Christchurch is best for your belongings? Call our friendly team on 0800 541 055 for guidance.

More Than Storage

As well as providing affordable storage in Christchurch, National Storage centres also stock packing and moving supplies to help keep your things safe on the go or in storage. From bubble wrap to cardboard boxes, browse the range at our Box Shop.

Christchurch Storage FAQs

What is the minimum storage period at National Storage Christchurch?

One month. You can speak to our storage experts to tailor a solution if you require storage for a shorter period.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We don’t require a deposit but if you wish to pay a deposit upon booking, the sum will be applied to your first month of storage.

How can I move my things into the storage unit?

We provide move-in trailer hire and vehicle hire, along with access to our goods trolleys, pallet jacks, forklifts and drivers. We can also recommend a removalist service if required.

What does “hardstand” mean?

A “hardstand” is an outdoor space that is commonly occupied by vehicles and boats. It is open to the elements.

How much notice do I need to give when moving out?

We require at least seven (7) days’ notice of your intention to move out.

What can I put in my Christchurch self-storage unit?

Customers generally use our storage units in Christchurch to store items such as:

  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Clothes
  • Collectibles
  • Appliances
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs
  • Paperwork.

What can’t I put in my self-storage unit?

Items prohibited from our storage centres include:

  • Toxic or combustible items (e.g. gasoline/petrol, paint, and solvents)
  • Perishable items (e.g. animal food, fresh food, and contained/tinned food)
  • Living things (e.g. plants and pets)
  • Illegal items and items that have been obtained illegally
  • Weapons.

Have more questions? See our full list of FAQs or get in touch with our helpful staff.