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Moving From Australia to New Zealand

Moving From Australia to New Zealand

Thinking of leaving the land down under and trekking across the Tasman? Australia’s south-eastern neighbour is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Aussies on the move.

Moving from Australia to New Zealand means you get to experience a whole new culture without as much of the culture shock. The flight isn’t long, you won’t have to learn a new language, and your hairdryer will fit their power plugs.

So is it about time you swapped koalas for sheep? (Sorry – we had to.)

We share a few facts about NZ and how to prepare for your move from Australia to New Zealand.


New Zealand: Key Facts

Moving to Auckland, New Zealand

Here are a few basic things to know about New Zealand before you decide to call it home.

Population of New Zealand:

4.8 million (compared to Australia’s 25 million)

Capital City:


Kind of like Canberra, New Zealand’s capital city isn’t the country’s most populous or most well-known. Sorry, Welly.

Largest City:

Auckland. About 1/3 of the population lives here (plus there’s super convenient and secure self-storage in Auckland available there while you make the move!).


New Zealand Dollar ($)

Languages in NZ:

English is the primary language of New Zealand (spoken fluently by around 96% of people), and the indigenous language is Maori (spoken fluently by approximately 3.5% of people)


Christianity is the primary religion in New Zealand

National Anthem:

New Zealand has two national anthems of equal standing: God Save the Queen and God Defend New Zealand.

Time Zone:

New Zealand Standard Time (+12 GMT). New Zealand observes daylight savings, changing to +1hr throughout the summer months. NZ is usually 3 hours ahead of Sydney

Weather in NZ:

While NZ has four seasons like Australia, it has seasonal weather patterns in different regions. For example, the South Island has snowfall in the winter, with average temperatures of 10°C, while the North Island can expect temperatures of around 16°C. Maximum temperature during summer ranges between 20 and 30°C.

You might also be pleased to know that, unlike Australia, New Zealand is not home to any deadly or poisonous animals (except the katipo spider).


Lifestyle Living in New Zealand

Sheep in New Zealand

Laidback Aussies won’t have to adjust much to the appealing New Zealand lifestyle. If you’re moving from Australia to New Zealand, you can look forward to a relaxed lifestyle and helpful locals.

Work/Life Balance

Rated 6th in the world for work/life balance, NZ is all about working hard without letting it get in the way of good times with friends and family.

There are plenty of opportunities to strive in a career and get ahead, along with a culture that encourages balancing a hard day’s work with downtime and recreational activities. And with such beautiful, wide open spaces and endless outdoor activities on offer, you’ll love making the most of this work/life balance.

Friendly Locals

The locals are friendly and easy-going, happy to lend a hand when needed. And don’t worry – New Zealanders are known to share a similar sense of humour to Aussies, so you can enjoy some cheeky banter with your new Kiwi mates.

Less Stress

Smaller cities and crowds mean less commuting. Relatively low crime rates mean less worrying. Overall, NZ offers a relaxed way of life with room to breathe.


Moving to New Zealand from Australia Checklist

Packing box for move to New Zealand

Be prepared for your move to NZ with our checklist.

6 Months Before Move

  • Begin visa application process if necessary (Australian citizens don’t require a pre-arranged visa before arriving – learn more here)
  • Ensure your passport and driver’s licence are up to date
  • Start hunting for a job and housing

2 Months Before Move

  • Give notice to landlord if necessary
  • Cancel accounts for phone, internet, insurance, etc.
  • Redirect or cancel memberships/subscriptions (gym, magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  • Give notice to your current employer
  • Open a New Zealand bank account

1 Month Before Move

  • Book a hire car in NZ if necessary
  • Pay any outstanding debts
  • Notify post office, banks, electoral office, doctor, etc. of change of address
  • Start packing non-essential items. See our wide-ranging Box Shop in Australia here.

2 Weeks Before Move

  • Transfer funds to New Zealand bank account
  • Confirm bookings with removalists or freight companies
  • Organise utilities and insurance for your new home

1 Week Before Move

  • Finish packing
  • Transfer cash into New Zealand dollars
  • Cancel direct debits coming from accounts
  • Ensure hand-luggage has everything you need, including travel documents

Check out our moving checklist for more moving preparation tips!

If you need somewhere safe to keep your belongings throughout any stage of your move, National Storage offers clean and modern self-storage units perfect for clothes, furniture, vehicles, and more. If you need self-storage in Australia, visit our Australian National Storage centre locator right here.

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