Should You Sell Your Stuff Online Or Hold A Garage Sale?

Stuff to Sell Online

Have some stuff around the home you don’t need anymore? Get the clutter out of your cupboards and some cash in your pocket by selling your unwanted items.

You might not need that penguin oven mitt, but someone else will probably pay a pretty penny for it online or at a garage sale. Find out the best way to sell your castoffs by comparing the two right here.

Selling Online

Sell Your Stuff Online

Take one look at eBay or Post a Note and you’ll see people will buy just about anything off the internet. Seriously, it’s amazing what some people are listing online.


  • Putting an item up for sale online will allow you to reach a wider audience than if you were to throw a garage sale or list it in the local paper.
  • It’s often free to list an item online.
  • Unusual items and collectibles have a higher chance of being sold online thanks to your increase of potential customers. Someone could be searching for that Teletubbies lunchbox you have hidden in your cupboard right now.


  • Premium or paid listings can be pricey, particularly if your items aren’t sold quickly.
  • Shipping costs can turn your customers off buying bigger items.
  • Effort and stuff. Taking photos, posting online and packing items for their new owners all take time and effort.


  • Post a Note allows you to post your items for free in most categories.
  • Bigger, heavier items may not sell as well online due to their increased shipping costs. Small stuff like books, clothes and other bits and pieces generally sell better online.
  • If you need to declutter your goods right away, or just need them out of site, consider a self-storage unit.

Garage Sale

Host a Garage Sale

If you’re not the best with technology or you simply want to get rid of your stuff ASAP, a garage or yard sale is the option for you. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours, and who to call on (and who to avoid) when you need a cup of milk.


  • Some people prefer to see and touch things in person before buying them. Selling items at a garage sale gives customers the chance to really check things out before handing their money over.
  • You’re the boss. You can decide when you want to pack your stuff up and retreat to the couch, a wine in one hand and a wad of cash to fan yourself with in the other.


  • You’ll reach less potential buyers than if you were to post your items online.
  • People generally expect to bag a bargain at a garage sale, so don’t expect to get much for your knickknacks.


  • Get the word out. Put up signs in your area and advertise in the local paper to get as many people to your garage sale as possible.
  • Make your garage sale a more welcoming (and less awkward) place for walkers-by to visit by playing some music.

So, what will it be? Is your troll collection destined to be listed online, or are you better off holding a garage sale? If you can’t settle on either, take up a self-storage unit to keep everything in one spot. Get a free quote today! Or, at least keep the excess things tidy with some boxes at our Box Shop.

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