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Why A Tiny House Is Right At Home In NZ

Why A Tiny House Is Right At Home In NZ

With its natural beauty and wide-open spaces, New Zealand is the perfect place to ditch tradition and elect to live in a tiny house.

Tiny homes are big in NZ, proving the tiny house movement is more than just a passing fad – it’s a lifestyle.

If you’re curious about life in a tiny house in NZ, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how large you can live in these small-scale dwellings.


It Gives You Freedom

A tiny house isn’t just a cosy place to live – it’s all your must-haves and creature comforts on wheels. If you feel like a change of address to a new city, it’s pretty easy to up and move. No more packing boxes, lifting heavy appliances, or hiring removalists. Yep, tiny homes take the most stressful parts out of moving.

Tiny houses are typically built to suit the widest and tallest road-legal limits, so you can lug your place from Auckland to Wellington with no issues.

And if you’re craving adventure and new scenery, there’s nothing stopping you from undertaking the road trip of a lifetime – with the benefit of sleeping in your own bed every night. Travelling NZ in your tiny house gives you the best of both worlds. You get to experience everything this stunning country has to offer without missing your favourite armchair back home.


It Saves You Money

Having a tiny house in NZ over a traditional home can give your bank account a real break.

New Zealand house prices are getting scarier, so if you’re struggling to save for a house deposit, buying a tiny house could be the answer to getting yourself into the property market.

To buy a tiny home, you’re looking at a bill of around $100,000 – $120,000 – not bad when compared to New Zealand’s average home price of $695,116.

“By some measures, New Zealand now has the most unaffordable housing in the world. For most people, a house costs six times their annual income.

For those who are willing to live minimally, and have a sense of romance about the four walls in which they dwell, tiny houses have become an attractive option.”

New Zealand Geographic

And the savings don’t stop at the mortgage – tiny homes in NZ are also cheaper to run than traditional houses. For one, you can say goodbye to scary power bills come cold winters, as it doesn’t take much to keep a tiny house warm with air-conditioning or a fireplace.

From the mortgage to the utilities, you’ll likely find quite a few pennies leftover at the end of the month after making the change to a tiny house.


It’s Easier on the Environment

Whether you’re actively looking to reduce your impact on the world or not, tiny houses have a smaller ecological footprint than a traditional house, requiring less materials to build and taking up less space.

It’s also common for tiny houses to have environmentally friendly features like solar panels and compost toilets. If being kind to Mother Nature is high on your list of reasons to live tiny, there’s no limit to how green you can go in your tiny home.

“The Tiny House Movement is about shrinking the footprint of your living space, lessening your impact on the earth.”

Build Tiny

Convinced a tiny house is the right choice for you? We have a storage unit with your name on it if some of your special stuff doesn’t fit in your compact new home, and a Box Shop to cater to all your goods.

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