The Top 4 Excuses For Putting Off Travel

The Top 4 Excuses For Putting Off Travel

Whether it’s thanks to all the #wanderlust photos on Instagram or the endless travel boards circulating Pinterest, it seems everyone has been bitten by the travel bug. While travelling the world seems to be a huge priority for many people, not everyone actually takes the plunge and buys a plane ticket.

There are a few factors that commonly get in the way of travelling. Learn how you can overcome the obstacles standing between you and your lifelong dream of climbing the Eiffel Tower or getting sprayed by Niagra Falls (or whatever you’re into).

Excuse #1: “I can’t afford it.”

Money Problems

Who says travelling needs to cost an arm and a leg? You don’t need to live it up in 5-star hotels to enjoy your time abroad, nor do you need to be rolling in cash to afford an overseas adventure.

All those little daily treats add up. Giving up your morning coffee on the way to work and your weekends out on the town will have you affording that plane ticket in no time. If you’re serious about travelling, you’ll make it happen by prioritising your money. Once you turn “I can’t afford to travel” into “I can’t afford those new shoes”, you’ll find yourself saving for your dream vacation.

Excuse #2: “I can’t leave my house unattended.”

Leaving your house dark and empty while you’re out of town may make you feel nervous, but there are plenty of solutions that can put your mind at ease, including:

  • Buy a light switch timer – These turn your lights on and off at your chosen times, making it look like someone is in the house.
  • Have mail diverted – What are friends and family for? Organise to have your mail sent to a friend or family member’s home while you’re gone, so that important power bill isn’t lost.
  • Book pets into a kennel or cattery – If it’s your furry friend that’s making you hesitant to leave, you have nothing to worry about. Booking your cat or dog into a kennel or cattery will keep them safe and happy while you’re exploring abroad.

Pet Hotel

You should also tell your neighbours of your travel plans so they can keep an eye on things while you’re away, like your own personal Batman.

Excuse #3: “I’m too busy with work.”

Who isn’t? There’s never going to be a perfect time to leave work and go on vacation. If not now, when? Live your damn life and get packing! Plus, you’ll probably get back feeling refreshed and motivated, making you more productive than before. Your boss can thank you later.

With all the experiences and growth travelling gives you, you may even find yourself considering a different career path (or you’ll just wish you were a travel photographer for National Geographic).

Excuse #4: “I have nowhere to keep my stuff.”

Even if you have Uncle Jim visiting your empty house to water the plants (and possibly take a nap on your comfy couch), it’s a good idea to keep your valuable items out of plain sight to deter potential thieves.

Expensive items such as your big-screen TV, jewellery, or laptop should be hidden away. If you don’t have room in your cupboards for your valuable items, a self-storage unit is a great solution for keeping them safe and secure until you come home.

It may seem like there are endless reasons stopping you from pursuing your travel dreams, but there are always more reasons to get on a plane and make some memories. Bon voyage!

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