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Clear Shrink Wrap

Clear shrink wrap suitable for protecting your items during packing and moving.

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Shrink wrap or pallet wrap is a lightweight, plastic film used to protect objects for transportation and storage. The treatment of the plastic makes shrink film tough, but easy to work with. This heavy-duty material is made to handle demanding wrapping applications around the house, office, and warehouse. Shrink film can be used to keep objects in place by simply stretching the shrink wrap roll around the item. This makes packaging clumsy items like a printer, easy. The brilliance of plastic shrink wrap is that it only sticks to itself, but not to the item you are wrapping. When moving, drawers and doors on furniture can be secured by wrapping items such as dressers and desks in a few layers of pallet wrap. It also helps to keep out the dust, and because shrink film is transparent, you can see what is inside without disturbing its protective layer.



What’s shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is made of low-density polyethylene, a durable thermoplastic, and one of the most widely-used plastics. Shrink film is a stretchable, plastic film and is one of the best materials for packing heavy items. It is also called pallet wrap or pallet stretch wrap and is made to keep items tightly bound – like on a pallet. Pallet plastic wrap is easy to use, and no force is needed to apply it.

How shrink wrap works:

Shrink wrap is a type of plastic film that can be stretched around and over an intended object to cover it. Pallet wrap can be applied by hand or with a wrapping machine. This clear wrap is treated with heat during the manufacturing process to make it as thin and strong as possible. Shrink wrap is pliable and has a unique self-adhesive surface that makes it the perfect solution for covering even the largest pieces of furniture.

What is shrink wrap best used for?

Shrink wrap is a stretchable plastic film designed to keep items tightly bound. It is simple to seal, protect, bundle, and compact things with this resilient wrap. Use it to prevent drawers from flying during your move, or to give chairs and couches protection against dust and damage. Pallet wrap clings to most surfaces, but it is best to ensure items are properly cleaned before wrapping them. Shrink wrap doesn’t rely on an adhesive to stick to surfaces, and won’t leave any residue behind.

Will shrink wrap damage furniture?

Shrink wrap will give your furniture an extra layer of protection when moving or storing items and there are a couple of ways that they come in hand. After covering an item with a moving blanket, use pallet stretch wrap to secure it. And to limit movement during the move, give some grip to surfaces by wrapping it with shrink film. Pallet shrink wrap is excellent to keep the hardware of dismantled furniture together. Simply place all the screws and things you remove in a small bag, bundle similar parts together, then wrap these furniture pieces and secure the hardware bag in between the shrink film layers. Once wrapped, clumsy items like bed rails and table legs can be protected and transported with no trouble at all.

Can I use shrink wrap for packing?

Open liquid containers aren’t always easy to move without some spillage, so, to pack liquids and avoid messes, use shrink wrap. Here’s a great trick: cut off a piece of shrink film, remove the top of the container, cover the opening of the container, and then replace the top. There should be a fair amount of shrink wrap sticking out below the top. Next, take another piece of pallet wrap and cover the container with a second layer. You can secure it with packing tape or an elastic band.

Can pallet wrap be recycled?

Although low-density polyethylene can be melted down to be reused again, it is a soft plastic and often grouped with single-use plastic bags. This means plastic shrink wrap will possibly be rejected by kerbside recycling programmes. But you can look up local soft plastic recycling services as they will be best to help you dispose of your moving materials in an environmentally friendly way.