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Why get car storage in Hamilton?

Taking care of your car will not only help to keep it looking in tip-top shape, but it can also save you costs on maintenance. You might even be able to negotiate a lower insurance premium on your car if you ensure it is kept somewhere safe.

Car storage gets you:

  • Extra protection against vandalism and theft
  • Less wear and tear
  • Additional space around the house
  • Fewer wheels to worry about

Our Hamilton car storage centres

We have uncovered hardstands available at our outdoor boat storage facilities listed below.

We have uncovered car storage available at the following sites:

Benefits of our Hamilton Car Storage

Convenient access hours

We totally get that you never want to be away from your vehicle for too long, so that’s why our Hamilton car storage facilities are open seven days a week, from early to late. If you want all-hours access, we even have sites that stay open 24/7.

Several options available

We offer secure open hardstands and can accommodate a range of vehicle sizes. Speak to our friendly storage experts to find a suitable solution to your Hamilton car storage needs.

Favourable month-to-month payment options

Our month-to-month payment option gives you the freedom to store your car for as long as you want to. At the end of the month, you are automatically billed, but we get the statement to you mid-month. This gives you enough time to give us notice once you are ready to move out.

Hamilton Car Storage FAQs

What security measures are in place?

We do everything we can to keep your wheels safe. Our car storage sites offer access control keypads and are under 24/7 camera surveillance. There are also onsite managers at some of our facilities.

What if something happens to my car?

Keep your vehicle insured – even when you won’t be taking it on the road for a while. You never know when something terrible might happen.

How long can I store my car for?

We have a one-month minimum at our Hamilton car storage sites.

How much does car storage cost in Hamilton?

Hamilton car storage costs are based on the kind of stand you need and how long you want to rent it. For more details on our car storage prices, get in touch with our helpful team.