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Why get caravan storage in Dunedin?

Extend the life of your caravan, and limit exposure to the sun when not in use by either keeping your watercraft in the shade, or under an all-weather cover. Sun damage can fade your caravan’s finishes and it is not an easy thing to fix.

Storing your caravan gives you:

  • Lower chance of theft and vandalism
  • Additional space under the carport
  • Protection against the elements
  • Peace of mind

Our Dunedin caravan storage centres

Discourage damage to your van and store it at one of our outdoor storage sites. We have open and covered stands available at our Dunedin caravan storage facilities listed below.

Uncovered hardstands are available at the following sites:

Covered hardstands are available at the following facility:

  • Kaikorai (Height restriction of covered stands: 2200mm)

Benefits of our Dunedin Caravan Storage

Simplified payment solutions

Our month-to-month payment makes it easy to store your caravan for as long as you want. Here’s how it works: You’re automatically billed, at the end of the month, but we send you the invoice mid-month to allow you sufficient time to give us notice once you have decided to move out.

Various hardstand options

We have secure self-storage sites in Dunedin, and can help you tuck away a campervan of almost any size. Chat to our friendly team to find a stand that meets your needs.

Generous access hours

Our campervan storage Dunedin sites are open seven days a week, from early to late, so that you can access your van when it suits you. We also have facilities that offer 24/7 365 access.

Dunedin Caravan Storage FAQs

What security measures are in place?

Our storage facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras around the clock, and most sites offer PIN-controlled access. We also have onsite managers at some of our locations.

What if something happens to my caravan?

Something unfortunate can happen at any moment, therefore, it is best to have year-round caravan insurance.

How long can I store my caravan for?

We offer straightforward monthly payment options; so we have a one-month minimum at our Dunedin campervan storage facilities.

How much does caravan storage cost in Dunedin?

Caravan storage costs depend on the size of the hardstand you need, and how long you want to use it for. For a breakdown of our Dunedin caravan storage prices, get in touch with our friendly storage experts.