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10 Of Our Favourite DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

10 Of Our Favourite DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

From Pinterest and Instagram to YouTube, we can’t get enough of the beauty room storage #goals going around the web.

We’ve found our favourite DIY makeup storage and cosmetic storage ideas and hacks to help you transform your vanity or beauty room into your very own Pinterest-worthy space.


1. Used Candles

We don’t spend $90 on those artisan scented candles just to throw out the boujee jars when they’re burnt out – right?

Recycle your glass candles as chic organisers for your makeup brushes, nail files, and other bits and bobs.


2. Cake Stand

Your favourite perfume bottles deserve to be seen, and this cake stand display is the perfect way to keep them organised while making a statement.

Grab a cheap one from Kmart or the $2 shop, or head to your local antique store for an eclectic look.


3. Hanging Shoe Organiser

Shoe organiser for makeup storage

Image: bustle.com

Our love affair with the humble hanging shoe organiser continues.

These pouches are the perfect size for lipsticks, glosses, liners, and more. Organise by product, brand, or colour – whatever works for you.

Find more uses for your shoe organiser with this article on our Aussie site: 35 Storage Hacks For Your Home.


4. Moving Cart

IKEA, you’ve done it again.

Whether from our favourite Swedish furniture store or your local department store, wheeled carts are a super handy way to keep your makeup organised.

Don’t forget to add some drawer dividers to keep smaller bits and pieces in their place.


5. Copper Pipes

Feeling particularly crafty? Give this DIY copper pipe makeup display project a go and create a dedicated home for your makeup brushes.

It’s cheap, easy, and adds a pop of our favourite metallic colourway to your vanity.


6. Vintage Glassware

If you’re a sucker for all things vintage, you’ll love the romantic, old-worldly feel of second-hand glassware on your vanity.

Seriously, all antique stores are stocked with this stuff. From vases and glasses to fruit bowls and butter tubs, preloved glassware and crystal is just one of the things we have to thank old ladies for.


7. Mason Jar Wall

Don’t have enough space on your bathroom sink or beauty room vanity for all your daily must-haves? If only there was a way to use the wall space to store your stuff.

Now there is – and it’s pretty darn stylish, if you ask us. Attach some mason jars to a panel of timber from Bunnings and voila.


8. Spice Rack

What’s that? You thought your spice racks were reserved for turmeric and chili powder?

*Laughs superiorly*

In the words of five historically acclaimed philosophers: ‘Spice up your life’ with this simple and stylish makeup storage hack perfect for all your lotions and potions.


9. Framed Shelving

Another great way to maximise space in your beauty room or bathroom is with good ol’ floating shelves.

But why stop there when you can add a cute picture frame and turn your favourite products into a work of art?


10. Glass Vase And Pebbles

Rhinestones, anyone?

If you’re a glam gal or guy with a soft spot for all things glitzy, you can’t go past this very noughties-inspired makeup brush display.

Paris would approve.

Paris Hilton funny GIF

Now your makeup is under control, get your wardrobe looking its best with these storage tips. If it needs its own makeover, try making room first with either some boxes at our Box Shop, or even a self-storage unit.

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