How To Get More Storage Out Of A Small Wardrobe

How To Get More Storage Out Of A Small Wardrobe

Are your clothes outgrowing your closet space? Not willing to cull your wardrobe to make things fit? You don’t have to!

How would you like to squeeze more space out of your small closet without having to give up your shopping sprees? With a few clever storage hacks, you can hold on to all your favourite outfits. (Yes, even those white pleather platforms you swear will come back into fashion. Any day now.)

Check out these creative storage solutions to get more out of your small wardrobe space.


Multi-Purpose Hangers

Hanging Jackets

If your clothes aren’t fitting correctly in your closet, you might need to take a look at your hangers.

Some clothes hangers are pretty (we’re talking the floral and frilly variety you probably got from your Grandma) but take up too much space.

Save space by opting for slim hangers over bulky padded ones.

Nifty multi-purpose hangers are perfect for holding several pieces of clothing on one hanger. This helps to condense your hanging clothes on the rack while also allowing you to organise your clothes by outfit. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make your Batman costume ready at a moment’s notice, this is it, my friend.


Over-the-Door Shoe Organiser

Boost your storage space with an over-the-door shoe organiser to take advantage of every last inch of closet space.

These are an affordable way to get your shoes off the ground, freeing up your closet’s floor space for other storage solutions, like drawers and shelves for folded clothes.


Modular Storage Systems

Modular Wardrobe Storage

We’re all guilty of squishing clothes in wherever we can, but if you’re wanting a tidy and organised closet, you’ll have to find a plan B.

Modular storage systems snap up that bottom space in your closet faster than you can say my goodness my wardrobe looks fabulous now.

A chest of drawers or low shelving units are great for holding your folded jeans and winter clothes, or perhaps hiding your copy of Cher’s Believe so no one can scratch it with their grubby fingers.


Towel Racks

Another great way to maximise the space you’re working with is to install some towel racks on the back of the closet doors.

Here you can hang scarves, belts, and other bulky accessories tend to be space hogs. Not only will this free up space in your closet for clothes, but it will also make your favourite accessories 113%* easier to find when you’re putting an outfit together at the last minute.

*Not a real statistic.

If these storage hacks don’t work and your closet is still bulging, you may just have to give up the fight and cull your wardrobe of the things you don’t wear. Sell them online or hold a garage sale and use the money you make to invest in a Robin costume for your best friend. Otherwise, consider getting a self-storage unit!

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