How To Fake The Minimalist Look

How To Fake The Minimalist Look

Simple, sleek and chic.

Minimalism has stolen the spotlight as one of the most popular décor trends – and for good reason. This understated look brings a sense of effortless style to any space, along with the notion that your home is perfectly organised and in order.

If you love the minimalist style but you’re not quite ready to commit to the movement (ain’t nobody got time for that), you can fool your friends into thinking you’ve got your act together with these minimalist style hacks. (You know, as long as they don’t walk into your walk-in wardrobe.)


Keep All Surfaces Clear

Minimalist kitchen

A great way to kick off the minimalist look is to clear all your surfaces of stuff. Find a home in the cupboard for your kettle and toaster. Ditch the photo frames on your buffet. Stop filling space with knickknacks (no, Carol, you don’t need another scented candle).

Sure, you can hang onto a few things you love, but for the most part, your table surfaces should be kept empty to create a sense of space and tidiness. This will make dusting a breeze, too.

Those 78 magnets on the fridge? Ditch ‘em. You’ll be amazed at the difference an empty fridge door makes.


Use Light Colours

Minimalist dining room

Dark colours are the devil when it comes to minimalism. OK, that may be a little dramatic, but they do tend to make a space look smaller than it really is, taking away that open and breezy vibe minimalism is all about.

Lighter colours can make a space look bigger than it actually is, especially when it comes to wall paint. Create a minimalist vibe by sticking to a colour palette of whites and light neutrals for your furniture, walls, and ceilings.

Another great way to create a sense of space and light is to add a mirror to each room. Opt for simple mirrors with thin, silver frames.


Hide Your Shame with Storage

Storage is a beautiful thing. It says look how clean my house is – aren’t I great? without requiring a weekend of decluttering.

Some of our favourite hidden storage solutions include:

Drawers Under The Bed

Storage drawers under the bed

Image via

Got some old drawers? Just add some caster wheels and you’ve got yourself some under-bed storage, perfect for those books and doodads crowding your bookcase or bedside table. These are also great for keeping kids’ toys off the floor and out of sight.

Storage Ottomans

Ottoman with storage

Image via

To the naked eye it looks like a stylish piece of furniture. But, in reality, storage ottomans are a sneaky way to hide your stack of magazines, excessive DVD collection, and other clutter secrets. Opt for an ottoman with built-in storage, and be sure to go for a simple design with clean lines.

Velcro Remote Holders

Velcro used for remote control storage

Image via

Apparently even the practical things you use on a daily basis need to be hidden away out of sight to maintain a perfectly spotless and minimalist living room. The good news is, Velcro isn’t just good for your dad’s hideous wallet. It also comes in handy for keeping your remotes in their place. Just attach some Velcro strips to the inside of your entertainment unit and the back of your remotes.

Less is more? More like more is more – just get better at hiding it.


Want even more tips and tricks to jump aboard the minimalism train? This article tells you what furniture can help declutter your home. Magic! See our extensive Box Shop here, or get a free quote for self-storage at one of our secure centres.

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