How To Organise Your Pantry Like A Pro

How To Organise Your Pantry Like A Pro

Is there anything worse than mistaking your chilli sauce for your tomato sauce?

An organised pantry is a huge step to a more functional kitchen. Nothing says I’ve got my life together quite like alphabetising your herbs and spices.

With a few easy steps and some clever kitchen storage ideas, you can finally declutter your kitchen pantry, make preparing meals easier, and hone your inner Martha Stewart. (But, you know, without the 5-month stint in the clinker.)


Do a Pantry Clean

Cleaning pantry to declutter kitchen

Every domestic goddess or god knows an organised pantry starts with ditching out-of-date items and donating tins you’re not going to use. Not to mention wiping up those sauce rings and sugar spills to keep ants and pests at bay (cockroaches are nobody’s friend).

Follow these steps to keep your pantry in order:

  1. Remove everything from your kitchen pantry
  2. Bin any out-of-date items
  3. Bag or box any in-date items you’re not going to use to donate to your local foodbank – see our Box Shop here.
  4. Group items that are approaching their use-by dates – you can use these to determine what meals to make to ensure you use them up before they expire
  5. Clean your pantry shelves with a household spray and a clean, damp sponge or cloth
  6. Place items back onto pantry shelves, grouped by product type.

A good pantry deep-clean is a must for maintaining a tidy and organised kitchen, and should be done at least twice a year.


Organise Products by Type

Types of pasta in kitchen pantry

Don’t go shoving all your groceries into the pantry willy-nilly. You need a bit of structure to keep your pantry organised.

Organise your products by type to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Categories might include:

  • Canned goods (baked beans, tinned tomatoes, etc.)
  • Baking and cooking (flour, sugar, cooking sprays and oils, etc.)
  • Pasta and rice
  • Sauces and spreads
  • Breakfast (cereals, oats, drink mixes, etc.)
  • Snacks and lunches.

If your categories are more like ‘Netflix snacks’, ‘Miscellaneous ice cream toppings’, and ‘Sad nights alone’, we won’t judge. Do your thing. Label your goods with a marker pen, it’ll make it easier, trust me!


Get Creative with Storage

Kitchen storage ideas for pantry


Make the most of your pantry space and get creative with your storage solutions.

Inside Door Storage

The inside of your pantry door is prime real estate to store stuff that isn’t too bulky. Install some storage racks to hold muesli bars, herbs and spices, cans, and other items that won’t weight it down and make it hard to open.

Wheeled Plastic Boxes

You know those big plastic storage containers your mum uses to store all the crap you left in your room when you moved out? Well, turns out they’re really handy for your pantry – especially the very bottom of your cabinet.

Bending down and fishing around for stuff is for chumps. You’re smarter than that. You use a big plastic box with wheels to make it easier to access your potatoes and onions, don’t you?

Use Clear Storage Containers

Clear storage containers for kitchen pantry

Clear containers don’t just make it easy to find what you’re looking for. They also make your pantry look nice. And they keep your Froot Loops fresher for longer. Yes please.

If you really want to up the aesthetic of your kitchen, use clear glass jars to store your tea, coffee, sugar, etc. to create a cute display on your kitchen bench.


Get Labelling

Labelled pantry items

Label makers can do more than just produce hilarious profanities to stick on your friends when they’re not looking, you know. They’re also amazing when it comes to labelling your pantry items.

You’ll never mistake baking soda for flour again!

Clever Tip: Hide your wine in a container labelled ‘vegetables’ to keep unwanted hands away.


Want to get the rest of your home in top shape, too? Check out our ultimate room-by-room guide to decluttering your home. Or, if you’re wanting to declutter things that aren’t perishable, take a look at our self-storage options for how National Storage can assist today!

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