How To Prepare Appliances For Storage

How To Prepare Appliances For Storage

Putting your washer, dryer, or refrigerator into storage? You’ll need to prepare them the right way so they’re running smoothly when you need to use them again.

Appliances and whitegoods need a little extra TLC to stay in top condition while they’re in storage. But when equipped with this helpful guide (and a lemon – you’ll find out why), you’ll have your valuable items ready for your storage unit in no time.

Clean Your Appliances

Cleaning with... lemons?

Make sure your appliances are clean and dry before making the trip to your storage centre. Defrost, clean, and dry each item before loading up the truck or trailer.

Washing Machine

You might be surprised (and disgusted!) by the amount of dirt and grime that builds up inside your washing machine after years of use. Follow these steps to have it sparkling again:

  1. Run a full-cycle wash with hot water, adding 1/2 cup of bicarb soda and 2 cups of white vinegar. Once the machine is filled with water, pause the load and allow it to sit for an hour, then resume.
  2. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any dust or marks on the exterior of the machine.
  3. Keep door open to dry inside once cycle has ended.

With these 3 simple steps, your washing machine will be ready for storage.

Refrigerator and Microwave

Keep your kitchen appliances looking (and smelling) good with this DIY lemon cleaner, perfect for your fridge and microwave.

  1. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a microwave-safe bowl of water.
  2. Pop in the microwave for 3 minutes. It should boil and steam, loosening any crusty food remnants (we’re looking at you, cheese).
  3. Remove the bowl and wipe the microwave out with a damp cloth.

Allow your lemon water to dry, then use it to dampen a cloth and wipe the fridge clean. Be sure to leave the doors of your microwave and fridge open to dry.

Deodorise Your Appliances

Cleaning with Baking Soda

There’s nothing worse than the stale smell of an unused refrigerator upon opening its door. Don’t fall prey to smelly appliances! Keep their doors ajar while in storage and place a car deodoriser inside to avoid unpleasant odours.

Coffee and baking soda are another great solution for absorbing any nasty smells – just place a plate inside your fridge and let it do its job.

Store Your Appliances Safely

Once you’ve prepared your appliances for storage, you’ll need to make sure you know how to store them safely. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Unplug electrical cords and place them inside their appliance.
  • Tape down any hoses or cords that can’t be disconnected.
  • Place small appliances, like microwaves or irons, in their original box if possible. If not, our box shop offers a wide range to keep your appliances organised neat and clean.
  • Keep whitegoods upright, as they would be at home, to avoid damage.
  • Use a sheet to protect the finish on high-value items.

Bonus tip: Washing machines and fridges should be kept as upright as possible when moving them. If you can find the transit bolts that came with your washing machine, put them back in before moving it – this’ll help keep the drum safely in place during transport.

If you’re storing other items in your storage unit, don’t forget to take advantage of the space inside bulky appliances, like the shelves in fridges.

Give yourself peace of mind and place your appliances in one of our clean and dry self-storage units. Want to get your furniture ready for storage, too? Check out this helpful post.

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