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Ideal for taping up boxes easily and securely. (Tape sold separately)

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A tape dispenser is a convenient way to keep tape at hand for all your packing and moving needs. Its ergonomic handle gives you a comfortable grip and with a sturdy tape gun, you can tape up boxes in no time. Mostly made of plastic, a packing tape dispenser holds a roll of tape in place on a spindle and uses a roller to supply tape for quick application. Created to apply and cut the tape with one continuous motion, you need just one hand to operate a tape gun. By pressing down on the carton box, the tape is sliced thanks to the serrated cutting edge. You can then use your free hand to align the edges you are taping and create a quality seal.

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Ideal for taping up boxes easily and securely. (Tape sold separately)


How do packing tape dispensers work?

A packing tape dispenser can be somewhat frustrating to utilise if you don’t understand how to use it. But once perfected, you can save a lot of time – especially if you are taping up a truckload of boxes. Packing tape dispensers are designed to be used with one hand. The tape roll is loaded onto a spindle and is fed around a roller so that it can be applied to seal a box. When the tape roll does not unwind smoothly, the tension can be toggled on the side of the tape gun by twisting the tension knob. The serrated edge of a packing tape dispenser is tilted against the tape for an easy cut.

Can I use a tape gun for boxes?

A tape gun is perfect for sealing boxes and will get you through high-volumes in a flash. To secure a box with tape, start on the side of the box and pull the tape towards you, set the tape on the box and continue dispensing tape until the seam is secure. Extend the tape down the other side of the box, then push the blade into the tape to cut it. To ensure your box keeps everything inside, give it some extra strength. Run another overlapping piece of tape across the seam you want to reinforce.

Easy-to-use packing tape dispenser loading instructions:

Loading a tape dispenser is easy! Simply pop the tape roll onto the spindle so that it looks like a wheel. If it is a used roll and you can’t see the starting point, run your fingernail along the tape to establish where it is. With the adhesive side of the tape facing down, feed the tape through the space between the roller and the metal guide, and carefully pull it up and over the blade. Gently push down the metal guide to create a bigger gap for getting the tape through. Check if the sticky side is facing away from the tape gun. Yes? Success! Grab a box and let the taping begin.

How to use tape gun:

After loading a packaging tape dispenser, stick the tape to the box and pull the tape gun towards you. A tight spindle will cause too much tension and make it hard to unwind the tape. Adjust the tension by turning the knob located in the middle of the rod on which you loaded the tape roll. When you are ready to cut, tilt the packing tape gun forward to shear the tape with the serrated blade. Be mindful when you remove the tape from the blade as they tend to be sharp.


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