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10 Home Office Décor Ideas

10 Home Office Décor Ideas

Research shows your work environment impacts your productivity.

Make the most of your home office with these décor ideas that will have you getting down to business in style.


1. Chalk It Up

Chalkboard wall

Here’s one way to never again forget a task on your to-do list. A chalkboard feature wall is a funky and functional addition to any home office. Use it to stay on top of your weekly goals, or hone your inner artist and get those creative juices flowing with a mural.


2. Go Green

Desk with plants

Plants are the perfect décor accessory, adding a pop of natural colour and bringing a bit of life indoors. They’re also known to help you feel relaxed, so slogging away at those emails won’t be quite as stressful. Plus some species, such as peace lilies, bamboo and fiddle leaf figs, improve air quality by removing toxins.


3. Step Back in Time

Vintage desk in home office

There’s nothing old-fashioned about the vintage look, with people of all ages heading to antique stores for unique finds from yesteryear. A retro desk can set the scene for a delightfully eccentric home office that is less work and more play.

Find your perfect vintage office desk at one of our favourite antique stores in New Zealand.


4. Maximise Your Wall Space

Home office with shelves on wall

Sick of the clutter on your desk? Make the most of your wall space with floating shelves, clever storage, and hooks for your headphones.


5. Be Hip, Be Square

Cube storage in home office

Speaking of maximising your wall space, cube storage is a great way to give everything in your office a home. Keep your home office tidy and organised without compromising on style and opt for funky cube storage complete with personal touches such as photos and knickknacks.


6. Embrace Bold Colours

Bright pink office chair

Who says the home office has to be boring? If you’re into bright colours, don’t stop at the bedroom. Add some fun hues to your home office to inject some style and character. Even if you use a bold office chair as a statement and keep the rest of the space neutral, a bit of colour can keep you energised.


7. DIY Your Décor

Pallet used as shelf in home office

Whether you’re an upcycling enthusiast or not, making stuff yourself really isn’t that hard. Pallets are a great way to start. A light sanding and a lick of paint or lacquer can transform an old pallet into a funky shelf.

Get your DIY project right with our hand-painted furniture hacks.


8. Go for Gold

Gold decor items

If you’re not big on colour but don’t like the sterility of an all-white home office, try adding some interest with a few gold accents instead.


9. Try the Industrial Trend

Industrial style home office

Industrial-chic is still going strong, so why not mix things up in your office with a few nods to the popular style? An aluminium pendant lightshade and ladder shelving make for a funky yet understated home office.


10. Get a Dog

Woman working at home with dog

Who doesn’t love a doggo? OK, technically not a décor idea, but man’s best friend sure can add some benefits to your work environment. In fact, dogs have been proven to increase morale and productivity in the office. So next time you’re stuck on a big project, consider bringing your furry family member in for some inspiration. (No, not you, Uncle Brian.)


Is your home office a little snug? Check out these furniture tips to maximise a small space. Or, consider storing your goods in a secure self-storage unit here.

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