How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

You fire up the laptop, boil the jug, and start mentally listing your must-do tasks. You have every intention to block out the world and get to work.

But wait… what’s that outside? Is – is that your dog? Does he want to play? And what’s that on Facebook? Is that a 40-minute video of funny sports fails? Suddenly those work emails don’t seem so pressing.

It doesn’t take much to become distracted when working from home. You’re surrounded by all your favourite things (Netflix, books, the fridge…) and there’s no one there to keep you accountable.

So, how do you avoid falling victim to interruptions and time-wasters when you’re working from home, and get some gosh darn work done?


Treat It Like a Normal Workday

Checking watch

Whether you work from home every day or on occasion, you need to treat it like a real work day. Get up early, eat some breakfast, and get dressed. We’re not here to police your fashion choices, but how productive can you really be in those t-rex pyjamas?

Work the full 8-hour day, and allow yourself a lunchbreak to eat, answer texts, and catch up on the latest goss and/or doggo memes on your social feeds. Then put your personal phone on silent and get back to work.


Create a Designated Workspace

Home office

How can you possibly not binge-watch Friends when you’re mere metres from the TV? Create a designated workspace that keeps your head in the game and distractions out of sight. Try to separate work from home by defining your spaces.

Your bed and couch are for relaxing, so avoid setting up your laptop here. Opt for a home office that keeps your focus on the task at hand. When you step inside, you know it’s time to get into work mode. Keep the door closed if it helps.

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Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Tidy workspace

Do you know how many hours are wasted each day trying to hunt down important documents lost under a pile of crap? Neither do we. But we bet it’s a lot.

A tidy and organised workspace reduces time wasted looking for paperwork or your lucky red pen. It’s also proven that less desk clutter can increase productivity.


Have a To-Do List

Writing a to-do list

Avoid procrastinating or wasting time between tasks by knowing exactly what needs to be done. A to-do list with daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities is a must to stay productive and on task.

Double points for setting time limits to keep yourself accountable for time management.

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