How To Choose The Right Storage Solution For Your Business

How To Choose The Right Storage Solution For Your Business

Running out of room for your paperwork and inventory?

Whether you’re a big business or a start-up, having the right business storage solution is a must to keep operations running smoothly.

A few common choices for commercial storage include:

  • Home office or garage
  • Industrial warehouse
  • Commercial storage units.

If you’re not sure what kind of business storage is best for you, comparing each option might help you decide.


Home Office or Garage

Business storage in home office

A popular choice for start-ups and ecommerce businesses, keeping paperwork and stock in the home office or garage is an easy business storage solution – so long as it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day.


  • Convenient – Your business materials are right there in your home with no travel needed.
  • Cheap – Storing your stuff at home removes the need to pay for commercial storage.


  • Limited Space – If your business starts to take off, you might outgrow your space – or have to find a new spot to keep the car!
  • Less Work/Life Balance – Keeping your work assets at home can make it trickier to keep those lives separate.

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Using the home office or garage for business storage is great for small businesses operating from home, but it might not be feasible once the business takes off and the boxes start piling up.

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Industrial Warehouse

Commercial storage in warehouse

Warehouses, factories, and other commercial properties are a great business storage option for bigger businesses that need their own space.


  • More Space – You can rent or buy a space that suits your size needs.
  • Versatile – Some commercial properties can also be used as a workspace for employees.
  • Investment Opportunity – If you buy, your commercial property could be an investment opportunity if it increases in value over time.


  • Expensive – Renting or buying a commercial property can be pricey – not to mention the ongoing costs like electricity.
  • Less Flexible – Signing a lease or buying a property can limit your ability to grow your business until you can find a larger space to suit.
  • Less Control – If you’re renting, your landlord might have an impact on your business decisions. For instance, if they sell the property to someone else, you’ll have to secure a new space (and find the money to move).

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Industrial warehouses, factories, and other commercial properties are a good commercial storage solution for big businesses with larger inventory or extensive product lines. They can also be convenient for organisations with staff that require an office or workspace.


Commercial Storage Unit

Commercial storage units

Self-storage units aren’t just for people moving house, y’know. Commercial storage units are a great place to store paperwork and stock.


  • Clear Workspace – Storing your work assets in a commercial storage unit allows you to maintain a clean and tidy workspace at home or the office.
  • You Only Pay for What You Need – You get to choose the unit size that suits, and pay monthly for as long as you need.
  • Flexible – You won’t be forced into a fixed-term lease, so you can decide when it’s time to move out when it suits you. You can also easily upgrade or downsize to a different-sized unit as your inventory levels change or your needs grow.


  • Travel – Keeping your work assets out of the home means you’ll have to travel to your storage unit whenever you need something.
  • Access Hours – Our storage locations offer early-morning to late-evening access hours as standard, but you can organise 24/7 access hours with your local centre manager if you don’t want any limits to your coming and going.

Best Suited To:

Commercial storage units are ideal for online businesses. They allow you the freedom and affordability of working from home while keeping your stock and paperwork organised and out of the way.

A business storage unit can also be incredibly helpful for retail businesses (you can keep your products organised and ready to deliver), start-ups (you have the flexibility to upgrade your unit if your business rapidly grows), and tradies (you have a central spot to store your tools and accessories – that isn’t your garage!).

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How To Choose The Right Commercial Storage Unit

Businessman opening storage unit door

If you think self-storage is the right option for your business, you’ll want to consider a couple of factors to help you choose the right unit.

How much space do you need?

When it comes to our commercial storage units, there are endless sizes to pick from. To determine the unit size you’ll need, you should ask yourself:

  • How much paperwork and stock do I have?
  • Do I need room for a desk and chair?
  • Will I need to set up shelving?

Once you know these things, we’ll be able to help you figure out just how much space you’ll need. Take a look at our unit size guide if for some guidance.

Do you need electricity?

Some storage units have electricity, which definitely comes in handy when you need to store temperature-sensitive products like medicines or cosmetics.

Or maybe you just want a light and somewhere to plug in your laptop – either way, you’ll have to let us know if you want power in your unit.

Still have questions? Want to learn more about how a business storage unit can help your business? Call our friendly team on 0800 541 055 for professional advice, or enquire online today.

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