4 Ways To Use A Shipping Container For Your Business

4 Ways To Use A Shipping Container For Your Business

Thinking about starting your own business? Or perhaps your small business is outgrowing your home office? Whatever your situation, investing in a shipping container could be your perfect next move.

Shipping containers aren’t just for sending goods across the world. They also offer plenty of benefits over renting a traditional office space.

If you’re looking into leasing a shipping container for your business, be inspired by these potential uses.


1. Setting Up Your Store

Stencil store at Re:START container mall

Image sourced from restart.org.nz

From retail stores to portable offices and even restaurants, shipping containers can do it all. Seriously, they’re super versatile. And their boxy layout works as a blank canvas for whatever furniture, equipment and amenities your business needs.

Christchurch’s famous Re:START container mall is a perfect example of how brands are getting creative and running their businesses out of shipping containers. This unique shopping centre opened after the earthquake on 22 February, 2011. It kept the CBD buzzing during the reconstruction of destroyed buildings. Now it’s home to over 50 businesses offering fashion, food, and beyond.


2. A Pop-Up for Your Existing Store

Fritz's Wieners shipping container store

Image sourced from restart.org.nz

Pop-up stores are perfect for:

  • Creating buzz
  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Building brand awareness.

Shipping containers are a great option for setting up a pop-up store because they’re generally cheaper to rent than a conventional office space.

They also give you the freedom to choose when to open for business, so you can get sales during the busy period and close during the quieter times. And you won’t be locked into a long-term rental agreement, making a shipping container pop-up store a more flexible, short-term commitment.


3. Offsite Storage

Pile of paperwork

Piles of paperwork and boxes of inventory taking over your spare room or garage? A shipping container could be your ideal solution. These steel containers are extremely spacious, giving you all the extra room you need to keep your stock and files out of the way and organised.

There’s also plenty of room for you to jump in and rummage around when you need to. And with the option to install lighting, you’ll be able to find that important document or fill that order in no time. Check out our business storage options here.


4. Expanding without Construction

Shipping container store

Image sourced from restart.org.nz

Upgrading to a bigger office space can be expensive, and building extra rooms can cost a lot of time and money (not to mention, it’s a huge inconvenience to you and your staff).

If your small business starts booming and you’re not in a position to move into a bigger place or expand your current one, a shipping container works as an extension of your home office or traditional office space without the cost or commitment

While you’re getting down to business, check out our top reasons why your online business needs a storage unit.


If the shipping container vibe isn’t your thing, or maybe you’re just thinking about storage now, see our self-storage options here!

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